FY 22/23 Holiday Curtailment

November 29, 2022

Dear Campus Community,

Heating and ventilation will again be curtailed on the Berkeley campus during the period from the end of the business dayThursday, December 22, 2022 through Monday, January 2, 2023. During the entire curtailment period, faculty and staff are encouraged to plan to be away from campus to allow for effective curtailment of campus facilities.

Reducing energy and steam use during the winter break last year created cost savings to the campus through energy reductions of 815,600 kWh and 3,500,000 lbs of steam resulting in the equivalent emissions of 516 metric tons of CO2

We are asking units for as much participation in this effort as possible this year.   The financial savings are of critical importance in this budget environment.  Equally importantly, the emission reductions are significant and help address our carbon footprint.  

Units interested in curtailing energy for a longer period of time are also welcome to contact the Energy Office to schedule a longer setback period.

Exemption Requests

Please consider whether an exemption is truly necessary before requesting one. The Energy Office is willing to work with building managers to come up with a curtailment plan which works for your building, through partial curtailment, off hours setbacks or other measures.   Please contact the Energy Office at energyoffice@berkeley.edu to discuss options. 

The procedure will consider ALL buildings for curtailment unless an exemption request is submitted. Only heat, ventilation, and lighting will be curtailed; normal electric service will be maintained at all times. Heads of units with temperature-sensitive facilities, essential lab ventilation systems, and public service operations may request an exemption by completing the Request for Exemption Form. This form must be submitted no later than Friday, December 9, 2022. A final list of approved exemptions will be posted on the Facilities Services website after all requests are reviewed. 

Labs and research buildings are expected to participate in energy curtailment, if at all possible.  Again, we encourage facility managers to work with the Energy Office to come up with a plan which will work for your building. 

Requests for exemption will be considered on the following criteria:

  1. Controlled temperature area

  2. Essential safety, security, or accounting operations

  3. Operating chemical fume hoods

  4. Monitoring system needs

  5. Theater and sports events

  6. Retail operations

  7. Ventilation/AC for servers and telecom rooms

  8. Essential medical facility

Any technical questions regarding the curtailment should be directed to the Energy Office at the email address above. 

Policy or contract questions concerning curtailment should be directed to your Employee Relations Specialist.Sincerely,

Sally McGarrahan

Associate Vice Chancellor

Facilities Services