Campus Design Standards

Purpose: The University of California Berkeley Real Estate Division created the Campus Design Standards to guide design and construction professionals to complete lasting, high-quality additions to the campus built environment. These Standards, along with applicable codes, ensure that new construction and renovation projects at UC Berkeley integrate industry best practices and experience with existing campus buildings, infrastructure, grounds, and maintenance issues.

Administration: The Campus Design Standards are administered by Inspection Services and were developed in concert with the Real Estate Division’s Construction & Design, Facilities Services, Environment, Health & Safety, and other campus units. They apply to all UC-sponsored construction projects. These standards use the Construction Standards Institute’s 2014 MasterFormat. Where a division is not listed in this document, there are no current campus standards and current applicable code shall prevail.

Changes and Revisions: The Campus Design Standards are formally revised triennially in sync with the adoption cycle of the California Building Code. Due to the ever-evolving construction environment, revisions between code cycles may be necessary. As such, this document is meant to be malleable and not set in stone. As part of the plan review process, Inspections Services will consider project specific needs when evaluating requests for alternates to or exemptions from the standards. In addition, we welcome input on these standards at any time, from anyone. Questions and comments regarding, as well as proposed changes and revisions to the Campus Design Standards may be directed to: sends e-mail) or:

Inspection Services
2000 Carleton St. Rm 200,
Berkeley, CA 94720-1386

View or download the Campus Design Standards (updated February 2020) (requires Adobe Reader).