Campus Operations

Campus Operations provides ongoing support for buildings and facilities throughout UC Berkeley including the Central Campus, and other University satellite facilities.  We operate round the clock to maintain over 11 million square feet of building space, 1,085 acres of land to include the Hill campus, and manage over 35 tons of solid waste that move through the campus daily. The Zero Waste outreach team also provides assistance and resources to departments and groups to educate on how to reduce the amount of waste is sent to the landfill.

Our team of professional service staff work 24/7 in different shifts to minimize inconvenience while providing efficient services that support the campus mission. 
Learn more about who we are and what we do on the different unit pages, or contact us via email.  
Director, Campus Operations: Felix Deleon

Custodial Services

Custodial Services offers housekeeping services to public space, office, labs and classrooms.

Cal Zero Waste

Cal Zero Waste manages over 25 tons of solid waste that move through the campus daily and is committed to expanding recycling programs while providing effective refuse collection services.

Landscape Services

The Landscape Services group provides grounds maintenance services including irrigation, hillside fire mitigation, landscape maintenance, street sweeping, contract management and consultation.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services (Pest Management) provides consultation on pest prevention techniques for both indoor and outdoor areas including campus labs, offices, food areas, and housing units for all types of pests.

People's Park Design Drawing

People's Park

UC Berkeley has closed People's Park and begun construction of urgently needed student housing and permanent supportive housing for formerly unhoused people. People's Park is not presently available for any use by the general public.

Fire Mitigation Program

The Hill Campus Fire Risk Reduction work has been extensively described and analyzed both in the UC Berkeley 2020 Long Range Development Plan and in an environmental impact statement prepared on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and approved in 2015.