Facilities Services works to maintain a campus built environment that is conducive to teaching, learning and research. We strive to continuously improve the campus in partnership with all members of the campus community.

Facilities Services is comprised of the following units:

Work Requests

The Facilities Services 24-hour service number is (510) 642-1032. You may also submit a Work Request via email by sending a message to ppcs_cbc_staff@berkeley.edu


  • Graffiti Removal & Water Conservation Hotline: (510) 643-0890
  • UC Police, non-emergency: (510) 642-6760
  • UC Police, emergency only: 911 from a campus phone or (510) 642-3333

Custodial Services - Service Communication

As many of you already know, AFSCME has announced plans to conduct a three-day strike starting on May 7, 2018.  The strike will start at 3:59 a.m. and will extend for 72 hours until May 10, 2018 at 3:59 am.

Unfortunately, we have to adjust some of our services during this time and ask for your help in communicating any major issues or concerns to our central command center (510-643-4474) for custodial, grounds, and Zero Waste.  We are going to have staff available until 2 am to route any service calls. Please know our customer service center will also be open during their regular business hours.  Below is an overview of the areas that will be impacted and what this means to you and your departments.


During the strike, the campus may experience some inconveniences, such as reduced services. We will only be providing full services to areas that have been designated as 24/7 for students to study.

For other areas on campus, we will only provide minimal service.  Our focus will be restroom cleaning, public areas trash removal and classrooms where finals will be taking place.  No day service will be provided as we will have minimal support during these hours.  Our focus will be responding to emergency concerns during the day.  


Outdoor trash receptacles will be serviced in high traffic areas daily. Litter pick-up will be highly impacted and we will only focus on bulk litter. No Gardening or Landscape work will be performed during this time.

Pest Control service can also be affected and we may experience service delays.  

Zero Waste

We will be providing regularly scheduled pick-up for compost in areas of high usage such as Libraries, General Assignment, Classroom Buildings and other 24/7 study areas designated by campus. Other areas will be done on rotation and will be serviced at least once during the duration of the strike. Other waste streams will be reduced in all areas. Our team will be monitoring and be providing services as resources permit.  

How can you help?

Please communicate to your Asset managers about any major events taking place in your area as soon as possible.

Opening doors across

Campus: we have a plan in place to open all doors on campus, but will ask for your help to report any areas that are locked to our command center at: 510-643-4474

An email will be sent to the community with all services across campus later this week with other important information.

Please cc: Eddie Bridgett, James Mathwin, and Teresa Ochoa for custodial concerns.

Grounds and Pest Control cc: Theron Klos, Juan Casanova, and Lauri Twitchell.

Zero Waste cc: Lin King and Kevin Taplin


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November 22, 2017

November 21, 2017