In recognition of the critical state of campus facilities, it is the campus’s intention to direct additional funding to facility renewal for the next five years. This funding will be used to advance projects outside of the Capital Renewal program and the State Deferred Maintenance program; the aim is to address needs that are unmet by current funding. This additional funding will be allocated according to annually drawn-up lists of projects, which will be approved by the Finance Committee. The lists will be developed in collaboration among Academic Planning, Facilities Services, Capital Projects, and campus constituents. The projects will be selected to provide a broad campus impact with visible results. The projects will be identified for three possible funding allocations, Distributed Projects, Capital Project Collaboration and Campus Priorities:

Image of Campanile - Otherwise Known as Sather Tower

  • Distributed Projects entail the refresh of facilities through painting and finish replacements; replacement and renewal of key equipment; and the addressing of particular building pain points.

  • Capital Project Collaboration funding will be used to partner with colleges and schools to address their renewal priorities through cost shares and scope augmentations.

  • Campus Priority projects have a wide campus impact but no identified single owner and/or  don’t align with existing funding sources. Examples of these are storm water management projects and accessibility in the campus landscape.

It is important that the project lists be well informed. In order to make sure of this, the process will involve Facilities Services Asset Managers serving as the point of contact to interview your departments, through Facility Managers or with individuals directly, to gather departmental priorities and needs.

Annual lists will be developed based on the results of those interviews and the input of other campus stakeholders. Please be aware that there is limited funding and there will be many possible projects. Projects which fit the categories above or address a particularly compelling need are more likely to be added to the list.

Suggestions for DM+ projects can be submitted by this form

In order to have productive interviews, it would be very helpful if each submission included work within a unit to gather pain points, key areas of concern, planned capital projects, cost share opportunities and anything else desired to see included in this process before the meeting with the Asset Manager. Interviews are already underway so the lists can be developed for review and final approval by July 2023. We will repeat this call for projects annually so that we continue to compile updated lists.