Engineering and Technical Services

Engineering and Technical Services helps develop the vision, strategy, incentives, and initiatives that will align operations, planning and design processes, and resource management with the principles of sustainability.

Director:Diane Coppini

Building Ventilation and Filtration

UC Berkeley is taking steps to ensure campus ventilation and filtration systems provide appropriate COVID-19 risk mitigation. 

Cogeneration Plant

The Cogeneration Plant supplies the campus with steam (for heating and a variety of other uses) and electricity.

Energy Management

The EMS group uses proprietary building automation systems to control and monitor the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in 75+ campus buildings.

Energy Office Logo

Energy Office

The Energy Office tracks, monitors, and manages energy usage campus-wide to reduce energy costs; improve design, performance, and operation of buildings; and provide feedback on energy usage to building occupants.

Engineering Services

The Utilities Engineering group provides technical support relating to the distribution of electricity, steam, natural gas, water, and sanitary & storm sewer systems, manages the purchased utilities & utility recharges, is responsible for utility metering, its infrastructure, and utility data, keeps the campus utility distribution maps updated, supports the energy efficiency projects, and plans for the future of utility distributions.

Fire Life Safety Services

The Fire Life Safety team works to ensure that fire protection systems in buildings are properly functioning in order to effectively evacuate campus buildings in case of emergency.


Preventative Maintenance

The Preventative Maintenance (PM) team maintains campus equipment in satisfactory condition through conducting routine inspection and maintenance on any campus equipment defects.

Water Conservation

Facilities Services has taken many steps to ensure our campus is conserving water. In addition to addressing leaks Facilities Services also works to monitor, investigate, and reduce water use for irrigation and in buildings.