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Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center (CSC) responds to telephone and email requests for campus maintenance. Customer Service Representatives (CSR) will triage calls and act as liaison to the appropriate shop, creating work orders and monitoring issues until resolution is reached. CSRs can follow-up and track progress on customer work orders upon request.

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Campus Operations

Campus Operations provides ongoing support for buildings and facilities throughout UC Berkeley including the Central Campus, and other University satellite facilities. We operate round the clock to maintain over 11 million square feet of building space, 1,085 acres of land to include the Hill campus, and manage over 35 tons of solid waste that move through the campus daily. The Zero Waste outreach team also provides assistance and resources to departments and groups to educate on how to reduce the amount of waste is sent to the landfill.

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Maintenance Operations

Maintenance Operations maintain campus buildings that total approximately 10.5 million square feet of state-funded space plus approximately 4 million square feet of auxiliary services space. This includes mechanical, electrical, and utility systems, built-in furniture, doors, windows, locks, security systems, insulation, permanent signage, glazing, painted surfaces, and roof drain systems.

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Building Department

The Campus Building Department reviews and inspects all construction and renovation at UC Berkeley. In addition to the California Building Code (link is external) and the UCOP Facilities Manual (link is external), we also work to ensure that projects follow the Campus Design Standards and contribute to a safe, efficient and long-lasting built environment in keeping with Berkeley's standing as a world-class university.

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Asset Management

Asset Management provides an integrated approach to facility maintenance and renewal with an emphasis on primary accountability, effective execution, and customer service.

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Engineering and Technical Services

Engineering and Technical Services helps develop the vision, strategy, incentives, and initiatives that will align operations, planning and design processes, and resource management with the principles of sustainability.

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By the numbers

11 million   sq. ft. of building space

70 miles  of total utility distribution lines

1,085 acres   of land with 3,800 trees and 33 acres of lawn

200,000+  pieces of equipment

10 million   campus light bulbs

45,000+   work orders annually