FS Customer Service Center

Customer Service Center

Work Orders:

  • Due to the Covid-19 shelter in place Facilities Services is only responding to Urgent and High priority maintenance which may result in significant failure, financial loss or risk of life and safety. All other maintenance will be processed and responded to based on the response time and the date the shelter in place is lifted.

The Customer Service Center (CSC) responds to telephone and email requests for campus maintenance. Customer Service Representatives (CSR) will triage calls and act as liaison to the appropriate shop, creating work orders and monitoring issues until resolution is reached. CSRs can follow-up and track progress on customer work orders upon request.

Work Requests

The CSC operates 24/7. If at any time you require or have a new maintenance request there are two avenues for obtaining maintenance services. You may submit a Work Request via email by sending a message to fs-newsr@berkeley.edu. The Facilities Services 24-hour service number is (510) 642-1032.

General Needs

The CSC is the hub for all client needs. As the first point of contact we review, triage, and respond to client needs.


Please email all shutdown needs to fs-shutdown@berkeley.edu.

Event Requests

Organizing an event on our campus involves different services working together. We are here to help and make sure your event goes smoothly.