Lock and Key


Our Lock and Key Specialist manages lock and key systems across campus with a focus on security and safety of our campus community, our team is dedicated to keeping these systems operational and up to date at all times. In addition, the Lock and Key specialist directly manages the campus barrier pole system. 

Access Controllers for individual campus divisions and departments are authorized to request the installation, modification, repair or removal of mechanical locks, other types of door security hardware and the issuance of new keys for the buildings. 


Authorized UC Berkeley Access Controllers may use the Mechanical Lock & Key Service Request form (above), to:

  • Purchase new metal keys
  • Arrange for the return of old and damaged metal keys
  • Request the repair of door locks or other mechanical lock & key devices
  • Request an estimate for the cost of new or modified mechanical lock & key devices
  • Apply for lock box keys

If we do not respond within 5 (five) business days, or you would like to check the status, make a change or cancel please send a follow-up email to fs-lockandkey@berkeley.edu

For immediate review in situations involving access for disabled persons or significant risk to public safety, please also call the Lock and Key unit during normal business hours at  510-642-1032. After hour emergencies should also be called into 510-642-1032.

In order to request or change access controller information individual campus divisions and departments are asked to complete the Key Control authorization form and submit to fs-lockandkey@berkeley.edu. For more information, please review the Campus Access Control policy (below) or contact the key controller specialist at (insert new email here) Access Controller Request Form

Campus Access Control Policy

For the complete UC Berkeley Campus Access Control policy, select the link below. Please note this policy was adopted in 1998 and is currently under revision due to substantial changes in workplace conventions and procedures as well as the transition of policy from UCPD to Facilities Services.

1998 Campus Access Control policy

Cal Housing residents and employees

For assistance with access control problems (including keys, locks, fobs and readers) at a residence hall, please contact the Housing office (https://housing.berkeley.edu)

Lost or stolen keys

Before we can replace a lost or stolen key a police report must be filed with UCPD. To report a lost or stolen University key or credential (card-key), please contact UCPD at (510) 642-6760 (or 510-642-3333 for TTY users) at any time of day or night to file a police report.