Campus Building Department

The Campus Building Department reviews and inspects all construction and renovation at UC Berkeley. In addition to theCalifornia Building Codeand theUCOP Facilities Manual, we also work to ensure that projects follow theCampus Design Standardsand contribute to a safe, efficient and long-lasting built environment in keeping with Berkeley's standing as a world-class university.

Follow the links above to find out about plan review, permits, inspections and other resources to help teams deliver code-compliant projects and facilities managers successfully navigate the design, inspection, and documentation requirements of construction and maintenance. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questionshere.

General Project Requirements (apply to all projects):

    • Construction documents must be submitted with the permit application
    • The permit application and supporting documents are reviewed for compliance to code and the Campus Design Standards.
    • A permit is issued when the construction documents are found to be sufficient to demonstrate code compliance. This may require revision and re-submittal by the design professional.
    • Inspections take place during construction, before work is covered up.
    • A final inspection by both the Campus Building Department and the Campus Fire Marshal is required. Corrections identified during this and other inspections must be corrected before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
    • Record and As-Built Drawings, record specifications (where applicable), operations and maintenance manuals (where applicable) and guarantees/warranties must be submitted before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.
    • A Certificate of Occupancy must be issued before retention or final payment can be released to the contractor (A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be issued before this occurs.)

Permit/Plan Review/Inspection Costs*:

Description of Service/Budget Range

Unit of Measure

FY 23 - 24 rates (Eff. 7/1/23)

FY 23 - 24 OT Rates

Inspection Services




$0     to  $  35,000

% of project budget

1.8% (minimum 2hr)

$35,001 to $ 10M

% of project budget


$10,000,001   to  $50M

% of project budget


$50M +

% of project budget


*These rates reviewed annually by the Campus Recharge Committee and approved by the Campus Budget Office. Hourly rate is applied after repeated re-inspection of deficient or incomplete work.