Landscape Services Operations

The Landscape Services group provides grounds maintenance services including irrigation, hillside fire mitigation, landscape maintenance, street sweeping, contract management, and consultation. 

Manager, Landscape Services: Theron Klos

Supervisor, Landscape Services: Juan Casanova

Supervisor, Landscape Services: Lydia Woltjer

Bee Friendly Campus

UC Berkeley is now an affiliate of Bee Campus USA, which is an initiative of the Xerces Society that aims to foster ongoing dialogue to raise awareness of the role pollinators play in our communities and how each of us can take action to create healthy habitat. A committee of students and faculty has been formed that plan to rehabilitate two campus gardens and work towards adding more pollinator-friendly places to the landscape.

Herbicide Free Campus

This organization wants to eliminate synthetic herbicide use on the UC Berkeley campus. Students have been successful in banning the use of herbicides at the Clark Kerr volleyball courts, Faculty Glade, Memorial Glade, and behind the Southeast Asian Library. These students work hand in hand with Landscape Services to get rid of toxic herbicides and figuring out a solution to control weeds.

Memorial and Faculty Glade to Organic Turf Management

We are transitioning the Memorial and Faculty Glade to organic turf management to put the campus at the cutting edge of a movement taking place throughout the state of California and the country. By eliminating traditional pesticides and synthetic filterers, we have allowed for organic practices to create a healthier environment for students and faculty.

Sustainable Landscape Student Projects Tap Within Community Engagement

Landscape Services has worked with students to bring sustainable landscape projects to the community. Projects like the Sather Gate project and the Pat Brown project involve energized students that want to beautify our campus landscape and be sustainable in the process.