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Race to Zero Waste

UC Berkeley is now participating in the Campus Race to Zero Waste! For the next two months, we’ll be tracking our landfill, recycling, and compost and competing with other colleges and universities to see which campus has the best rate of diversion and is closest to reaching zero waste.

As part of this competition, we will also be entering in a zero waste case study. Cal Zero Waste staff associates are working with RSSP interns who are working on a reusables project to reduce plastic waste in residence halls by giving out reusable utensils and water bottles.

All students, staff, and faculty can participate by participating in the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (or Compost). As UC Berkeley continues  to strive for our zero waste 2020 and beyond goal, it’s important to build more zero waste-oriented goals and encourage everyone to do the same!

Go to to learn more about the competition.



Cal Zero Waste manages over 25 tons of solid waste that move through the campus daily and is committed to expanding recycling and composting programs while providing effective refuse collection services. 

Our office offers recycling, composting and refuse pickup, debris box ordering, and porta-potty placement. To operate these programs, Cal Zero Waste works with various other campus entities such as Custodial Services for indoor waste and recycling collection and Grounds Operations for greenwaste and plant debris services. 

Our staff consists of a Zero Waste Manager, a Zero Waste Operations Supervisor, a Zero Waste Operations Coordinator, two Zero Waste Specialists, and Truck Drivers. We also employ a team part time student staff responsible for education and outreach programs, waste reduction projects, and building assessments.

We coordinate the recycling efforts for mixed paper, cans and bottles, greenwaste and wood, food waste, toner cartridges, and mixed metal. We are also a resource for general information on waste prevention and disposal, material reuse and recycling, and sustainable and environmentally preferred products. 

For more information about zero waste at UC Berkeley, click here to read UC Berkeley's 2019 Zero Waste Plan.

Manager, Cal Zero Waste: Lin King

Zero Waste Building Program 2020

The Zero Waste Building Program implements the standardized system of landfill, recycling, and composting in campus buildings. Click here to see the 2020 program and when your building will be transitioned to a Zero Waste Building.


Cal Zero Waste manages a number of programs that target the reduction of waste generated at UC Berkeley to get the campus to zero waste by 2020. .

Education and Promotion

Educational training and promotion is a key component to getting UC Berkeley to its zero waste by 2020 goal. Cal Zero Waste maintains a number of education programs that provide educational training and information to the campus community, including students, prospective students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Cal Zero Waste Newsletter Archive

Check out past issues of our monthly newsletter! Contains event summaries, photos, and zero waste tips.