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1978-2018: The Energy Office's 40th Anniversary!

The Energy Office tracks, monitors, and manages energy usage campus-wide to reduce energy costs; improve design, performance, and operation of buildings; and provide feedback on energy usage to building occupants. We continuously monitor the operations and maintenance of campus facilities and are in contact with Building Managers regarding their facilities’ operation and utility consumption.

We installed building-level meters that track energy use in campus buildings. The Pulse Dashboard shows this real-time energy use of over 137 campus buildings. We are in the process of adding water meter data to the dashboard as well. The dashboard provides a visualization of energy and water savings associated with behavioral and technical improvements. We are also using integrated analytics to provide real-time feedback from this data to help identify anomalies and address large system malfunctions.

Winter Break Curtailment

Each winter break the Energy Office works with the EMS, Stationary Engineers, and Electric shops to turn down buildings to save energy. Lighting, ventilation and heating are turned down for about a week and a half each year.  Last year, curtailment saved about 452,000 kWh of electricity and about 2,238,000 pounds of steam. Together these savings totaled over $112,000. For more information, the list of affected buildings, and the exemption form click here: ( 

Energy Policy

The campus's Energy Use Policy, which came into effect in 2014, was developed to provide a local framework to support energy-efficient decisions. The policy outlines required energy conservation practices for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, equipment, construction and renovation projects. The policy will be updated in 2019. 

Energy Efficiency Projects

The Energy Office manages and provides input to a variety of energy efficiency projects. Through these projects we strive to make the campus as energy efficient as possible, and at the least meet the UC system’s goal of 2% reduction in energy use each year. Many of these projects focus on HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and lighting systems, since these systems are major contributors to energy usage in buildings. However, we also work on many other types of projects such as energy use of labs and IT equipment. 

Pre-Plan Check Review for Campus Projects Impacting Utility Use

The Energy office reviews plans for projects on campus that impact utility use. This process encourages efficient design that will not increase building utility use, and informs Berkeley Administration of the quantified estimate of utility increase, if any. If you are a project manager working on a project that will impact utility use, please contact the Energy Office for procedures at

Manager of Energy Office: Bruce Chamberlain

Meet The Team

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By the Numbers

99,000 Gallons of water saved per year by one autoclave modernization

49% energy saved from fluorescent to LED lighting

49,000 Number of average Bay Area households powered by electric use of UC Berkeley

$112,000 Savings from 2017-2018 Curtailment

200,000 kWh and 67,000 therms Annual energy saved by efficient design of Berkeley Way West

Koshland Chiller Energy Efficiency Project Stats
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