Office Refresh Program

Maintenance Operations Services offers an affordable and simple way to get your office refreshed!  The Office Refresh program is available to any office no greater than 12 x 15 square feet.  We have standard preset design palettes that our customers can select.  The fixed cost is $5,800 per project; however, an estimate may be provided depending on larger offices, different design palettes, and the scope of the project.

Benefits to you and your office

  • Defined project scope and dedicated crews allow project to be completed quickly
  • Materials are selected for durability and ease of maintenance

What's included?

  • New wall paint
  • New floor covering and base
  • New blinds for (one window)

What do the palettes look like?

There are preset palettes available for you to choose from.  We encourage you to visit one of the following locations to see physical material samples, since colors may render differently on computer monitors, and the palette document doesn't provide a sense of texture.

How do I sign up?

  • Submit a work order request to the Facilities Customer Service Center - email
  • The Lead Painter, Jonathan Quezada, will schedule a site visit with you to confirm project details
  • Make your design selection from one of the design palettes
  • Await confirmation of your project start date