zero waste - campus wastes go?

Where do recycled materials go after they leave campus?

Mixed paper/cardboard goes to the Berkeley Recycling Center / Community Conservation Center located in Berkeley.

Cans and Bottles is serviced by Civicorp and is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility in Union City.

Where does hazardous waste go?

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)(link is external) manages all hazardous waste at the Hazardous Materials Facility, located on Frank Schlesinger Way, just east of the Hellman tennis complex. Hazardous waste is collected, labeled, packaged, and then transported to various off campus treatment facilities depending on the waste type.

What happens to compost after it leaves campus?

Food waste is composted all together with other organics such as landscape waste and grass clippings. It is transported to the West Contra Costa Landfill in Richmond, and a small portion of the compost materials are also transported to the City of Berkeley Transfer Station.

Where does the landfill waste go after it leaves campus?

Landfill waste is transported to Golden Bear Transfer Station in Richmond. It's then consolidated and hauled by semitrucks to Keller Canyon Landfill near Pittsburg.