Completed Zero Waste Buildings

The below buildings have been transitioned to a Zero Waste Building previously.  Please note that labs were excluded from the roll out of some of these buildings below.  Facilities Services is in the process of developing a laboratory specific zero waste program.

Click on a building to view floor plans with bin locations, when available.

Building NameRollout Status
1936 University AvenueComplete
1995 University AvenueComplete
2111 Bancroft WayComplete
2121 Allston WayComplete
2220 Bancroft WayComplete
2224 Piedmont AvenueComplete
2232 Piedmont AvenueComplete
2234 Piedmont AvenueComplete
2440 Bancroft WayComplete
2521 Channing WayComplete
2850 Telegraph AvenueComplete
Alumni HouseComplete
Architects and Engineers BuildingComplete
Bechtel Engineering CenterComplete
Berkeley WayComplete
Blum HallComplete
Boalt HallComplete
California HallComplete
Campbell HallComplete
2000 CarletonComplete
Cesar E. Chavez Student CenterComplete
Cory HallComplete
Crossroads Dining HallComplete
Dwight Childcare CenterComplete
Energy Biosciences BuildingComplete
Eshleman HallComplete
Etcheverry HallComplete
Former Berkeley Art MuseumComplete
Giannini HallComplete
Gilman HallComplete
Goldman School of Public PolicyComplete
Greek TheaterComplete
Haas School of BusinessComplete
Haste Childcare CenterComplete
Haviland HallComplete
Hazardous Materials FacilityComplete
Hearst Field AnnexComplete
Hearst Memorial GymComplete
Hearst Memorial Mining BuildingComplete
Hesse HallComplete
Hilgard HallComplete
Jacobs HallComplete
Koshland HallComplete
Latimer HallComplete
Lawrence Hall of ScienceComplete
Life Sciences AdditionComplete
McCone HallComplete
McLaughlin HallComplete
Minor AdditionComplete
Minor HallComplete
MLK Jr. Student UnionComplete
Calvin LaboratoryComplete
North Gate HallComplete
Cheit HallComplete
Recreational Sports FacilityComplete
Residential Student Services FacilityComplete
Richmond Field Station HQ BuildingComplete
Campus Shared Services (4th Street)Complete
Soda HallComplete
South HallComplete
Silver Spaces Sciences LaboratoryComplete
Tan HallComplete
Tang CenterComplete
University HallComplete
University VillageComplete
UC Botanical GardensComplete
Wheeler HallComplete
Wurster HallComplete
Zellerbach HallComplete

Program Overview

Zero Waste Building Program transitions campus buildings to a zero waste system where recycling, composting, and landfill bins are available and standardized.  The standardized system includes centralized bin sets and desk-side mini-bins.

This program includes several critical pieces:

  • Customer and Operational Support: Staff will coordinate a walk through of the building with the building manager to assess current and recommended zero waste bin layout. Approval from the Fire Prevention Specialist on bin location and coordination with Custodial Services and trucks to schedule pick-ups follows.

  • Educational Training: Cal Zero Waste will perform training workshops for building occupants prior to bin roll-outs. 

  • Bin Rollout: Bins will be installed in the building. Excess and non-standard bins will be removed from premises.

  • Re-evaluation and Assessments: Re-evaluation of zero waste progress will occur after the new bin system is implemented through routine assessments.