General Assignment Classroom Cleaning

FS Custodial cleans General Assignment Classrooms daily, five days a week, Monday through Friday or Sunday through Thursday. For a list of General Assignment Classrooms we support, please visit the General Assignment Classroom website.

General Assignment Classroom

Routine classroom cleaning includes:

  • Carpeted Areas vacuum - Daily
  • Hard floor Sweep and Mop - Daily
  • Emptying Trash & Recycling Cans – Daily
  • Cleaning Chalkboards - Daily
  • Arranging Classroom furniture - Daily
  • Clean Instructor Tables or Podium- Daily
  • Clean Surfaces on all unencumbered space. -Monthly
  • Refinish Hard Floor Surfaces - Once every Two years

Classroom cleaning is a routine service and does not require a service request. If you notice an urgent problem, please call our Customer Service Center or notify your building manager.