Operating Units

Business Operations

Accounting provides supporting services to all units within Facilities Services primarily through billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable services.

To contact Accounting staff or to submit vendor invoices, please send an email to fs-accounting@berkeley.edu.

The Purchasing unit issues all non-stock purchase orders and contracts for Facilities Services including entertainment, travel, reimbursements, and payment requests.


Cogeneration Plant

The Cogeneration Plant provides approximately 90% of the electricity and 100% of the steam needs of the main campus. This used to be the boiler plant until its expansion in 1987 when cogeneration was added. Three existing boilers were kept which are now used as back-up for campus steam requirement. Electricity produced is rated at 12KV while steam is available at 120psig. The plant operates 24/7/365.

Manager of Cogeneration Plant: Norris Herrington

Building Operations & Maintenance

Maintenance Operations maintain campus buildings that total approximately 10.5 million square feet of state-funded space plus approximately 4 million square feet of auxiliary services space. This includes mechanical, electrical, and utility systems, built-in furniture, doors, windows, locks, security systems, insulation, permanent signage, glazing, painted surfaces, and roof drain systems.