Residence Halls

2018 Residence Hall Move Out Drive

Move Out Promotion - Donate!

In the Spring of 2018, Cal Zero Waste collected unwanted reusable items from the residence halls in the lead up to Move Out.  These items, including clothing, shoes, and non-perishable food, were collected and cycled back through the community in a partnerhsip with the on campus ReUSE store. What items couldn't be redistributed throughout the school were donated throughout the Bay Area, through partnership with Savers in Dublin. This effort diverted hundreds of pounds of textiles, food, and other useful items from entering the waste stream.  


  1. Unit 2- Main Lobby outside of APR

  2. Beverly Cleary- Main Lobby

  3. Martinez Commons- Main Lobby

  4. Clark Kerr Campus- Building 1 and outside of Building 12

  5. Foothill- Stern Lounge, Building 5 and Building 7


For off-campus move out information, visit for more information.

Cal Zero Waste, RSSP, and TGIF partnered to implement a comprehensive sustainable waste system in all of the residence halls.

This innovative system features bins for the four waste streams in each room: compost, cans and bottles, mixed paper, and landfill.
More information on the specific waste system for your residence hall or building will be available early-mid August. Come back for more information!

Unit 1

  • Cheney Hall
  • Deutsch Hall
  • Freeborn Hall
  • Putnam Hall
  • Christian Mini-Suite
  • Slottman Mini-Suite

Unit 2

  • Cunningham Hall
  • Davidson Hall
  • Erhman Hall
  • Griffiths Hall
  • Towle Mini-Suites
  • Wada Apartments

Unit 3

  • Ida Sproul Hall
  • Norton Hall
  • Priestly Hall
  • Spens-Black Hall
  • Beverly Cleary Hall

Unit 4

  • Hillside Complex
  • La Loma Complex
  • Stern Hall

Unit 5 (Clark Kerr)

  • Building 2
  • Building 3
  • Building 4
  • Building 7
  • Building 8
  • Building 9
  • Building 11
  • Building 12
  • Building 16
  • Building 17

Maximino Martinez Commons

  • Maximino Martinez