Which policies/initiatives were the most helpful to reduce Berkeley's waste in the last five years?

TGIF (The Green Initiative Fund)(link is external) has been an invaluable resource for our office's waste reduction projects and initiatives over recent years. Please refer to their website for the specific projects that Cal Zero Waste collaborated with them on.

The Compost Alliance(link is external) and Zero Waste Building Initiatives upgraded the university's diversion and recycling systems, namely adding composting at various pilot locations on campus. 

The Beverage Alliance Grant Program(link is external) funded numerous indoor centralized recycling collection bins, including many of the cabinet bins found throughout campus. 

In 2013, Campus Recycling and Refuse Services and the Office of Sustainability collaborated to write the UC Berkeley Zero Municipal Solid Waste to Landfill by 2020 Plan(link is external), which highlights and summarizes waste reduction, composting, and recycling strategies to help the campus reach zero waste by 2020.