Support for Events on Campus

Event Support

Learn more about how to work with Facilities Services - Grounds, Custodial, and/or Cal Zero Waste - your campus event .

Events Request:

Organizing an event on our campus involves different services working together.  We are here to help and make sure your event goes smoothly.  Please follow this process to arrange and coordinate the needed services:

  • Requests for Event/Date specific services should be submitted to with at least five (5) business days notice to ensure processing/staff availability.
  • Requests with fewer than five (5) business days notice should be submitted by calling our service desk at 510-642-1032 in order to be processed.  We will notify the client as soon as possible in the event that we are not able to accommodate a short notice request.

Temporary Structures: Tents

Please note: if your event includes installation of a temporary tent or other structure, Inspection Services will be need in addition to Campus Fire Marshal inspection. To learn more and submit a request for services, please click here.

Facilities Services and the Campus Architect should also be consulted about the type, placement, and utility/logistics support needed for a temporary event structure. It is recommended that event managers email the FS Customer Service Center to set up review of plans for a temporary structure.

Other Helpful Event Resources

EH&S and UC Police Department have collaborated to simplify the process of obtaining permits required for campus events. The One Stop Permits link will take you to the process: after you log on with a CalNet ID, a series of questions will lead you through the application process.