FS Information Technology

FS IT strives to provide secure, reliable and responsive services that unify people and systems; incorporate technology to improve operational efficiency; maintain and update knowledge on emerging technology in our field,  and partner with others across the division and campus to build strategic solutions.

Currently the unit provides operational support to both Facilities Services and Capital Strategies staff. The primary systems supported include Maximo for asset and work order management and Unifier for capital project management.

Systems and Services

FS IT manages a variety of systems related to project and work order management, Real Estate operations, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping, and drawings. Details on each of these systems are provided below. Information and links to common campus systems are also detailed below.

Maximo Support

Visit the Maximo Support page for FAQs, User Guides and more.

Windows 10, Office 2016 Migration and Workstation Replacement Project

FS IT, in partnership with Campus Shared Services IT, is in the process of migrating workstations and laptops to Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016. This project will take several months to complete and will also require hardware upgrades to support the new OS.

The migration to Windows 10 and Office 2016 is necessary as Microsoft is no longer actively developing Windows 7 and the OS is no longer actively supported by central campus IT groups. Windows 10 offers enhanced security and many user-friendly features. As with any software upgrade, this can be a significant change for our...

Facilities Smartphone Program

Facilities Services issues smart phones to staff for the primary purposes of supporting asset and work order management and enabling departmental communications. Devices are issued to Facilities staff based on role and job requirements.

Use of these devices is governed by the PPCS Code of Conduct and applicable University and Campus policies including but not limited to the following UCOP Policies:

Electronic Communications Policy: http://policy.ucop.edu/doc/7000470/ElectronicCommunications...

IT Support & Contact Info


Workstation and application support including:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Install/Upgrade software
  • Security issues
  • bConnected (bCal, bMail, bDrive)
  • MS Office


Campus Shared Services IT using one of the following options

Maximo Work Order System

Maximo Support Page



Sri BV
Dharmesh O'Mahony
Ken Lee

System and User Administration or general FS Technical Support issues



Lawrence Felipe
Steve Dalton
Tony Venuto

New IT Equipment, replacements, or software purchases

To ensure that all orders meet both departmental and campus requirements, all technology orders need to be approved by the appropriate manager and reviewed by REIT. Do not place orders directly through BearBuy or Campus Shared Services.

View the IT Equipment Catalog IT Equipment Catalog for details on ordering

GIS Mapping and Drawing



Maianna Voge

Unifier or PRISM support



Trang Tran

For any other questions and IT management

Carolyn Knight, IT Director

(510) 847-5631