The Facilities Services Shutdown desk provides support to all campus clients requiring an interruption to one of our building systems or utilities. The shutdown desk reviews and processes all requests ensuring and contributing to a safe building environment for all.  

In order to request a shutdown of a campus system or utility please complete the Facilities Services Shutdown Form with required notice based on type:

*please note FS will no longer accept the word document version effective 7/1/2021*

Required notice by type

  • Smoke Detector - 2 calendar days
  • Single Circuit - 4 calendar days *note if upon arrival the Shutdown requires more than a single circuit the requestor will be required to submit a new shutdown and 11 calendar days from receipt of the new shutdown will be required for processing and all fees apply*

All other types or systems - 11 calendar days *If request is received on a Friday or the day before a holiday after 12pm processing timeframes begin on following business day*

Important Information

All pre-work for shutdowns regardless of type is to be conducted outside of the required notice. If upon verification/execution of any shutdown additional pre-work is identified Facilities Services will re-process shutdown for 9 business days from completion of pre-work unless otherwise agreed by all parties involved. Load Studies can be initiated by submitting a service request to Work order will initiate load study pre-work, and facilities will initiate shutdown once pre-work is complete. All updates, changes, questions or concerns should be emailed directly to or called in to the shutdown desk at 510-642-1032.

Administrative Fees

Standard Processing – two hours Short Notice/Emergency – three hours Changes including but not limited to, date changes, cancellations, additional scope are subject to additional charges at our hourly rate Please see the link to our recharge rates here If you require additional assistance or have any questions please contact us at: or 510-642-1032