Electrical and Lighting

Skilled Trades Manager: Todd McFerren

Electrical Shop:
Your building’s electrical needs can be serviced by this shop. Our employees draw from extensive experience in all phases of electrical repair, maintenance and construction. The Electrical Shop also services the emergency generators that provide back-up power to life-safety equipment in various buildings on campus.

Electricians repair, maintain and install electrical systems and equipment such as motors, transformers, wiring, switches and alarm systems; locate and determine electrical malfunctions using various test instruments such as ammeters, voltmeters and test lamps; repair malfunctions by such methods as replacing burnt-out elements and fuses, bypassing or replacing defective wiring, filing switch contact points, and cleaning or rewiring motors; test electrical equipment for safety and efficiency; install fixtures, motors and other electrical equipment; and make various adjustments to electrical equipment.

Senior BMW Crew:
Senior Building Maintenance Workers (SBMWs) maintain interior lighting fixtures in classrooms, auditoria, offices, hallways, etc., and building mounted exterior fixtures.

The staff is highly skilled in electrical safety, ladders, lifts and scaffolding work and they maintain the safety and convenience of the Campus population as their top priority.

In frequently occupied areas, such as libraries, lecture halls, auditoria and classrooms, the staff often works during off-hours in order to accommodate lighting replacement needs.

For all electrical and maintenance requests, please call the Customer Service Center at 642-1032.