Priority Structure

Work Order Priorities & Criteria


  • Life threatening (includes animals) and/or affects the integrity of the structure.
    • Falling materials, i.e. ceiling tiles or broken glass
    • Power Outages—Natural gas leaks
  • Situations where there is an immediate danger of possible bodily harm and/or threat to health and safety due to the existing building conditions.
    • Overflowing toilets, sinks, sewer lines, drains, raw sewage, flooding
    • Water spills in hallways, room, and other open areas
    • Major Steam leaks
    • Temperature issues throughout whole building
  • A condition causing the interruption of academic or research programs or severe hardship upon living quarters, as a result of an equipment breakdown (i.e. power loss, flooding, fire alarm, gas odors, air handling systems malfunctions in constant temperature facilities).
    • Fire alarms in trouble & beeping smoke detectors (battery issues)
    • Severe leaking of pipes and flooding from Strawberry Creek
    • Supply, exhaust, hood fans malfunctioning causing air imbalances and temperature issues
    • Lighting outages (all lights for an area/floor/building)
  • Other situations where significant financial loss may be incurred (i.e. security of people, building, equipment; equipment damage, waste of energy)
    • Door locking, securing issues, broken windows
    • Hood fan failures in research facilities
    • Offensive Graffiti removal in high profile areas


  • Situations that may result in increased damage to the structure; or danger of possible bodily harm and/or threat to health and safety, but do not require 24 hour response
    • Clogged but not overflowing toilets, sinks, sewer lines, drains (both interior & exterior)
    • Follow-Up/Assist tags after emergencies in which have significant building impact
    • Pest management, (i.e. mouse, ant, & bee issues)
    • Offensive Graffiti removal in non-high profile areas
    • Unsafe materials, i.e. asbestos, that are out in the open
    • Temperature issues throughout a whole floor


  • Situations that do not require immediate attention, but may increase damage to the structure unless action is taken
    • Roof, skylight, & window leaks
    • Non-offensive Graffiti Removal
    • Window is cracked, but not broken
  • A condition, which will not result in a significant increase in repair costs if work is delayed
    • Noisy air handlers
    • Minor water leaks (sink faucet dripping into sink with working drain)
    • Multiple lights out in room/area but room not dark
    • Temperature issues within single rooms


  • Routine repair requests that need attention as soon as possible, but will not result in further damage or safety problems as determined by Facilities Services.
    • Lights out (partial lighting outage in an area)
    • Installation of new lock hardware
    • Upgrading of systems, new fans, chillers, windows, etc.
    • Departmental equipment (autoclave) not working with multiple units in area
  • Necessary work that can be performed whenever facilities, materials and labor are available.
    • Ceiling/Floor tile replacement, All dispensers
    • Sign replacement/generation
    • Estimates
  • A condition that will not result in a significant increase in repair costs if the work is delayed
    • Deflector shields for vents
    • Window treatments (i.e. blinds, shades, or film), Windows stuck but not broken