Plumbing, Machine, and Sheet Metal Shop

Skilled Trades Manager: Eric Lausen

Plumbers service restroom plumbing and fixtures, building sewer and drain lines, water faucets, drinking fountains, and heating and cooling lines of mechanical units. Any leaking pipes or nonfunctioning plumbing in buildings can be repaired by this shop in a timely and professional manner.

Machinists service and repair emergency generators, all types of fans, conveyors, compressors, and pumps. They operate large mechanical tools such as lathes, radial drills, drill presses, milling machines, balancing machines, and alignment tools. They replace bearings, repair shop equipment/tools, fabricate special parts, repair vacuum pumps, hydraulic systems, sharpen tools, service diesel and gasoline engines, and autoclaves.

Sheet Metal Workers:
This shop provides service for maintenance and fabrication of almost any object formed from sheet metal; repair and alteration of stainless-steel countertops, sinks and exhaust hoods in residential unit kitchens; fabrication, installation and repair of downspouts, rain gutters, roof flashings, and ornamental copper on campus buildings; repairs, replacement and alteration of heating and ventilation ducts; and inspection services for campus construction projects.

Our sheet metal workers can provide customized design and construction services including light to heavy steelwork; fume hood ducting, trays, and screens; and welding (Heli-Arc, MIG, plasma, oxygen, acetylene).

For all plumbing, machinist, and sheet metal requests, please call the Customer Service Center at 642-1032.