Grounds Operations

The Grounds Operations group provides grounds maintenance services including irrigation, hillside fire mitigation, landscape maintenance, street sweeping, contract management, and consultation. 

Gardeners’ Work Schedule
Recently we have hired 5 new Groundskeepers, the last one began on 6/11/18. Groundskeepers are responsible for emptying all recycle and landfill cans on campus and the new Big Belly containers. They are responsible for ground litter removal, abandoned items, removal of flyers, delivery and pick up of event cans, blowing and resolution of outdoor health and safety issues. Parking lots will be serviced on Mondays, Tuesday & Thursdays with Wednesdays and Fridays reserved for Holidays and missed scheduled days.  Click here for more detail and a map of central campus Grounds areas.

The central campus and off campus gardeners work schedule will be as follows: See the attached map of work zones.

The normal work day consists of:

 1.Blowing hardscape throughout the campus until approximately 8:00AM to remove litter, leaf drop & cuttings.

 2.Then the gardeners will go to their sectors to do landscape maintenance. The campus is divided into 3 sectors (East, West and the Union). The sectors are further divided into 5 zones. These zones will be addressed on the designated day of the week (please refer to attached map).

For example on any Wednesday in the East sector the landscape maintenance will be performed in Zone “Wednesday” (Doe Library, Bancroft Library, Evans Hall, LeConte, Campbell and Birge Hall) while in the West on Wednesdays work is performed in Zone “Wednesday (University House, Haviland Hall, East Asian Library, Moffitt Library and Observatory Hill). On Wednesday the crew in the Union sector will be working in the zone that includes Wheeler Hall, South Hall, Moses Hall and Anthony Hall. Off Campus crew works in their daily zones as specified. If the daily project has not been completed by the end of the day, the crew will return to finish the project the next Wednesday. Please note that there are several buildings in each zone so it may take many weeks to complete the cycle within that zone.

The priority in all of these zones are:

     *Eliminate/mitigate any dangerous conditions that exist on campus.

     * "A" (emergency) tags will be addressed when they are received.

     *Remove impediments on staircases, walkways, ramps.

     * Trees, shrubs & groundcovers will be trimmed to improve sight lines and reduce tripping hazards.

    * Work orders and other landscape priorities will be addressed.

     * Manual mowing & detailing will be done on a biweekly schedule.

     * Manual irrigation will occur on a weekly or as needed basis depending on the weather.

Additional useful links:

Manager, Grounds Operations: Theron Klos

Associate Director, Campus Operations: Felix de Leon